La Habra Heights County Water District

La Habra Heights County Water District La Habra Heights County Water District La Habra Heights County Water District

Online Billpay

The District offers customers the option to pay through Online Bill Pay at You can pay your bill anytime-24/7. You will never have to write a check or pay for postage. The District uses a third party automated payment service that accepts credit or debit cards from Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Convenience Fees may apply (see below).

In addition, customers have the option to pay using their bank account (ACH/auto draft) information. There are no fees from the District to use this option. Once you sign up for this payment option the District will initiate the payment of your water bill 10 days from bill mail date.

How do I use Online Billpay?

Make one-time payment by selecting Quick Pay (no need to create user login) to control the date in which you want your payment to be processed, using credit/debit card.


Create user login (have your account number and account holder name available) to make recurring automatic payments (Auto Pay). Your bill is automatically paid from your bank account (ACH/Auto draft), credit or debit card. Water bill will continue to be mailed unless you specify otherwise.

NOTE: You must have a zero account balance, prior to signing up for Auto Pay. Submit a one-time payment for any outstanding balance shown in your Account Summary then sign up for Auto Pay.

There is a convenience fee for debit/credit card representing the greater of $3.05 or 2% of transaction amount. The fee covers payment handling and processing charges of a third party automated payment service. The District does not receive any part of the service fee.

No convenience fee from District for bank account (ACH/Auto draft) option.